Title: R Notebook

R Notebook

The R Notebook is a plugin for the octopress (http://octopress.org) blogging system as well as stylesheets and scripts to support a notebook-style of interacting with R to help with report generation and reproducable research. The idea is that text and layout is handled by multimarkdown (http://fletcherpenney.net/multimarkdown/) while computation is handled by R. The scripts use the knitr package (http://yihui.name/knitr/) to process the embedded R code.

The knit_markdown.R script can be called independently as one can pipe a source file using stdin and stdout redirection, for example, for viewing in an external previewer such as Marked (http://markedapp.com/).


  1. Make your own clone of this repository
  2. Follow the octopress setup instructions at http://octopress.org/docs/setup/
  3. Install R from CRAN (http://cran.r-project.org/)
  4. Install the knitr package in R: install.packages('knitr')
  5. Optional: install the ggplot2 package in R: install.packages('ggplot2'). This is needed for one of the items on the demo page
  6. Run rake preview to start the octopress preview server
  7. Make sure the demo page looks ok at http://localhost:4000/blog/2012/07/20/demo-page/.
  8. Enjoy!


  • Collapsable code panels
  • Interactively change plots
  • Interactively add code directly on page