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Are you looking for the new web-based WMT application? If so, you can find it here: Wildfire Management Tool - WMTweb

The Wildfire Management Tool (WMT) is a software application that estimates the potential behavior of a wildland fire so that firefighting strategies can ensure the safety and effectiveness of firefighters.

WMT is a visualization tool for wildland fire behavior students, instructors and tacticians. The purpose of this tool is to provide an analysis of the potential fire behavior, and to visualize the areas of risk and/or opportunity. The project is an effort to enhance the training of wildland firefighters and fire behavior analysts, and to provide useful fire behavior estimates on active wildland fires and analyses of historical fires.

WMT is free, open source software provided by Emxsys. It is licensed under the BSD-3 license. WMT is developed by Bruce Schubert and it is based on The Campbell Prediction System (CPS) by Doug Campbell and augmented by Marc Castellnou. WMT merges the art of wildland firefighting and the science of fire behavior--it couples the language and logic of CPS with the fire spread equations developed by Richard Rothermel.

WMT's fireground analysis leverages the BEHAVE algorithms of Rothermel and Albini, as well as the study of Uncertainty Propagation in Wildland Fire Behavior Modeling by Andreas Bachmann. Thanks to Andi Bachmann for contributing his Behave java classes.

The 3D visualization features leverage the Emxsys fork of the Terramenta framework, the NASA WorldWind Java SDK and the VisAD SDK. This project is built on the NetBeans 8 Platform.

This site is the home of the WMT Version 4 codebase and issue tracker. Previous versions of the WMT code can be found on and Project Kenai.

For more information about WMT see the Emxsys web site: