What is this repository for?

The devkit is a C# development environment.

How do I get set up?

Summary of set up

Download the code from BitBucket. It is suggested that the destination directory be C:\Projects. The App.Config configuration file defines a Key named "ROOT_FOLDER" which has the value "C:\Projects". Change this value if you prefer a different folder, but it is highly-recommended not to alter the other file linkages.

The created source_master folder contains the following sub-folders:

Doc - Contains the Energistics schemas.

Source - Contains the following folders:

  • Devkit: The original Devkit.
  • DevKitGenerator: This is where the Devkit java classes can be found.
  • DevkitTest: This is the folder containing the unit tests.
  • DemoXML: This is folder that contains the generated sample xml files which support DevkitTest.
  • EnergisticsAPIService: This is the webservice API project.


  • App.Config: Contains the project's configuration mappings.


  • Download the HDF5 Library. Check that the folder where the DLL resides, C:\Program Files\HDF Group\HDF5\1.8.9\bin, by default, is specified in the PATH environment variable.