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Stuff worth explaining


This file provides prompt_command function that is executed by the shell just before displaying PS1. This way user can redefine PS1 (or any of PS{1,4}, for that matter) to fit his/her needs. That's what I did exactly.

Regular prompt

Note that the clock is not real-time. It updates after your shell command finishes (e.g. after you press enter). That's sufficient if you want to know how long your db backup took, for example.

Mercurial and Git support is disabled for root, thus two colored dashes.


Exit codes

Mercurial prompt

It can be clearer, sure. But I'm used to this and I like it because it's taking so little space.

Git prompt

No screenshot yet.


This file contains aliases. Currently, the only alias that is not exactly self-explanatory is whatsopen. In short, it's an alternative to sockstat from FreeBSD. It shows listening (TCP) applications, like netstat -ntlp, but with a handy difference. It additionally shows users, so instead of this:

Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State       PID/Program name
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      30617/beam.smp

you get this:

beam.smp  30617 couchdb   16u  IPv4 7652760      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)

See? It's much easier to guess what beam.smp is when you know couchdb owns it. And it's much, much easier to understand what python2 is doing there when its owner is my-django-site-user or something.


If you're using dconf (if you have Gnome 3 or some GTK+3 apps, you are) and want your system to use HTTP proxy server, put it in one place — your Gnome control center. Then just use this file and it'll set HTTP_PROXY and NO_PROXY for you.