What is fixtorrent?

A little simple program that uses libtorrent (rasterbar) to read .torrent file and get information about contained files. It can then compare size declared in .torrent file and size of an actual file on disk and remove actual file if it is too big.

Why would anyone want that?

Some bittorrent clients cannot deal with oversized files present in destination directory. Generally, if you add a torrent and its destination directory contains files, the client may want to check, maybe it's your old half-downloaded Debian ISO image and you want to continue downloading it. But if it's oversized, the client may panic.

Fixtorrent "fixes" destination directory by removing certain files.

What fixtorrent can do?

  • Remove files.
  • Delete files.
  • Unlink files.
  • Make files magically disappear.

It can also show untracked files (files not mentioned in .torrent file) consuming space in the directory. It's up to you then to remove them.

What fixtorrent cannot do?

  • Resize files.
  • Rename files.
  • Create files or directory structure declared in .torrent file.
  • Make files magically reappear.


Python 2.6 and libtorrent-rasterbar.

Python 3 is supported by fixtorrent (with minimal or no modifications at all), but you may have a problem getting libtorrent-rasterbar bindings for Python 3.