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Just another todo app. Well, maybe not quite, because it can track projects, tasks and notes for tasks in multiple different workspaces. It looks nice because it's built with Bootstrap and is, to some extent, elegant code-wise because it was built with Backbone, Flask and CodernityDB.

Reason of Existence

This is my way to try out some new technologies in a project slightly more sophisticated than Hello World. Currently these technologies are:

  • Flask
  • CodernityDB

Or, to clear up any doubts: this isn't a serious project at all.

Try It Out

You can try the app live at May want to read the next section for details on security though.

Security and Privacy

If you have tried Fruitbar via the link above or have read the source code, you may now be wondering, "isn't not having passwords a bit insecure?" And the answer is no. As in "no, it's a whole lot insecure to not have passwords." But this is a research project and it isn't pretending to be secure. Keep in mind that everything you put in it everyone else may read or edit.

What's New


  • Remember accessed workspaces in localStorage
  • Deploy with DEBUG = False by default
  • Up-to-date jQuery, Underscore, Backbone, Flask-Assets, Flask-RESTful, jsmin


  • Up-to-date CodernityDB, Flask, Flask-RESTful, jsmin, jQuery, Underscore, Backbone
  • New url for trying out
  • Security notice in docs


  • Fetching tasks and projects combined in a single request


  • Tests


  • Separate workspaces
  • Transition effect


  • Projects, tasks and task notes