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Hi there.

What is this?

nsf-delivery is best described as a site that delivers NSF music. Supposedly it delivers. Requires FlashNSF (not included), NSF/NSFE files (obtained separately), Disqus account (optionally) and screenshots in PNG format (optionally).

It is an open-source exercise for me and free old-school music for you. Can it be better?

What am I supposed to do with this?

You can clone the code and improve it. You can deploy this on your server [1] (if you're happen to be an avid NSF music fan). Just put flashnsf.swf in static/ and add some .nsf/.nsfe files to static/nsf/. You can also enjoy slideshow if there are screenshots in static/shots/<filename.nsfe>/ directory.

And, last but not least, you can learn from it. Think of this as another Hello World/blog example on Tornado, but possibly more interesting.

[1]I cannot say that'd be the best idea to duplicate already existing site, but you still can.

Python Dependencies


External Dependencies


Disqus account (optional, for comments)


The code is licensed under GNU AGPL, see LICENSE.