Pyxend is a simple XMPP client for message delivery. Backend authorizes and keeps connection with XMPP server and maintains file-based message spool (so adding new message to sending queue is easy even if client part of pyxend is not used). The client part is Python module, but can act on its own as a shell script. Sending queue is checked periodically and new messages are picked up and delivered in batch.


This work is released under 2-clause BSD license, see LICENSE

System requirements

  • Python 2.5 or later (but not Python 3)
  • Twisted (namely reactor and xmpp support)

Getting started

Using pyxend is quite easy. First, start the backend part:

$ ./pyxend.py

Then use pyxendclient to send messages. It behaves somewhat close to the classic sendmail tool:

$ ./pyxendclient.py -s "Subject" someone@somewhe.re

Hello there


And that will put your message into the spool for later transmission.