Lag calculation in channel routing

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sohei uematsu
created an issue

Hi, I made a MODSIM model to confirm the lag calculation in MODSIM. Please see the attached model. In the model, the lagged flow should be returned to a node in a separate link. I found that Lag-0 flow is not returned to the designated return node. I am not sure this is an error or it properly calculated as designed. I am glad if you see it give us comments. I think this is not critical issue if this is an error, but I just want to confirm it what is happened in iterations. Thanks.

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  1. Bob Lounsbury

    Hi Sohei,

    Just letting you know I'm not ignoring this issue. I've been busy at work. I looked into it this weekend and it is not as straight forward as I was hoping. I think I'm close to a resolution but may need some extra time to ensure I have things right.

    Thanks once again for a great example network to debug with.


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