model runs sucessfully but I can't see some of reservoirs results in graph mode

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emre dulkar
created an issue

I am quite new at modsim however I was able to built a reservoir network model within one day. for the moment it runs and demand is supplied fully. I am still examining and analysing results and I couldn't really assign priorities for the moment.

my problem for the time being is that I can see some of the reservoir(Darlık and s_dam) results but some of them(ömerli and isaköy) are not.

thank you very much for your support

P.S: if you see any improper thing oher than this, please let me know as I said, I am very fresh

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  1. Bob Lounsbury

    It appears we do not support diacritical marks, ö.

    As far as the network. It is a little strange to have water spilled from the system through the Sink nodes. Typically basins have rivers that direct all flow out of the basin. But I do not know your basin or system. Having strict restrictions, like you do, on reservoir outflow means without the Sinks your network would crash. So your current setup is definitely one solution.

  2. emre dulkar reporter

    Thank you very much yes, it worked !

    Let me give a brief info about the basins modeled there, there are four adjacent basins which diverts water to the dam at the most left. Their aim dominantly potable water, for the time being hydropower can be neglected. I have some further questions 1- For spilling Should I use nonstorage element normally ? 2- How should we give the priorities for reservoir for adopting to real world ? For example in our case isakoy dam and sungurlu dam water is let's say twice expensive than darlık dam and darlık dam water is more expensive than ömerli dam. So Ömerli dam has the first priority then darlık then sungurlu either isaköy, How should I give the OPRPi ? 3- what is the difference between the second points' priority(reservoir priorty) and the cost of the link( it is a kind of priorty ?) where takes the water from the reservoir which already has a priority, so how is the link cost and reservoir priorty competing ?


  3. Bob Lounsbury

    I'll give a quick response, but unfortunately I'm not actually affiliated with CSU and do not have time currently for user support questions. If further explanation is needed please contact, John Labadie -

    1. No. Spilling or flow leaving a basin must be represented by a Sink or Demand as you've done. If there is flow to a NonStorage node and no demand or not enough demand for that water (Demand or Sink node) MODSIM will crash.
    2. I would most likely leave OPRPi the default 100 and use the reservoir layer priorities to assign the costs. The larger the incremental cost the more negative the cost becomes giving it higher priority. Using the incrementals would allow you the draft one reservoir while maintaining elevations in another reservoir.
    3. Costs are complicated but the essence of the MODSIM solution. Not sure anyone fully understands how all the costs might accumulate through a network. The costs are generally cumulative, so the link cost plus the reservoir target link cost combine to determine the movement of water. If you create an empty costs.csv file and place it in the *.xy location it will output the cost for each link in the network including artificial links. It will also automatically generate LinksAndNodes.csv that will give you the name for each link number in costs.csv.

    For further clarification or assistance please contact Dr. Labadie. I'll be closing this issue now. Thanks.

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