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sohei uematsu
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Hi, I am trying to add an optimization function to MODSIM via custom coding. Possible optimization function to be added to MODSIM is the meta-heuristic method such as genetic algorithm or particle swarm optimization. Generally, the meta-heuristic method requires thousands of iteration of model run to reach optimal solution: however, current MODSIM solver is slow to run the model for thousands times. I think one of the possible solution to reduce the calculation time is to skip to the process of generating mdb file. If we can extract the result directly from myModel in custom code, then we may not need to generate the mdb file. Is it possible to stop MODSIM to generate the mdb file in custom coding? It would be better if I can get the mdb file output only for the final calculation result. Thanks.

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  1. Enrique Triana

    Sohei - try disabling all the output with the output control (MODSIM->Ouput Control, and un-check in each tab the Output File (e.g., "Reservoir output File")) to reduce the data that is imported into the mdb file and trying to speed up the run times. After your optimal solution is found, you can turn the output back on to view the results.

  2. sohei uematsu reporter

    Enrique - Nice to talk you again, and thanks for your answer. It think it will work. I made a PSO+MODSIM already, and disabling output control may help to run faster. Sohei

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