Units of output don't correspond to "Network Settings" units

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Eric Morway
created an issue

Hello team MODSIM, I'm attaching an .xy file that helps with the question below. I'm not so sure it is a bug, but is more of a question because the result was unexpected. First, please follow these steps. Open the attached .xy file with 8.5.0. Run the model. Right-clicking the input node and going to properties, you'll notice an input flow rate of 87,120 ft3/day, or 2 acft/day. Similarly, right-clicking the demand node and going to properties, you'll also notice that the demand is 43,560 ft3/day, or 1 acft/day. Under the MODSIM menu, in "Network Settings", you'll note that the default units are also specified as ft3/day. My question is why, after running the model, is the .mdb output in ac*ft/month? The reason I'm asking this is because I'm uncertain about what units MODSIM is dealing with in the custom code? It is important for our integration with MODFLOW.

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  1. Enrique Triana

    Eric - This is the way it's supposed to work: The main decision is metric/English units. In each of these unit systems, the user can enter the time series in different rates, including different time step than what is run - in your case you entered a rate per day and you are running monthly time steps. Note that the "default flow units" are only for the GUI when entering new time series. The solver only looks at the metric vs English flag and solves the network either in 1000m3 or acre-feet, respectively, converting all the user input to these volume units and the selected run time step. In your case, your network is set up to run a monthly time step and English units, so the default results are in acre-ft per month. You can display the results in other units, which should match the values entered in the GUI. I hope this clarifies your question.

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