Optimization algorithm in Custom Run

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Does anyone have an optimization code to be executed in MODSIM custom run? For example, alter the agricultural demands within a feasible range to meet the most amount of annual outflow?


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  1. Enrique Triana

    I have use the MODSIM customization capabilities to embed it into optimization algorithms. Optimization is the controller and for each evaluation you would in custom code adjust the MODSIM variables based on the optimization provided decision variables. I've use commercial algorithm (ExplorerDV) for that work, but it's no longer offered. It's definitely doable, I encourage you to look at the some open source BORG-MOEA algoritms that I was told were going to become available.

  2. Enrique Triana

    Internally, MODSIM uses a network flow optimization algorithm to efficiently allocate water on a time step basis. Other optimization algorithms can be wrapped around MODSIM to provide global optimization capabilities (simulation period). You can compile a custom version of MODSIM to run in the command line and embed it into other programs like MATLAB.

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