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When pasting a time series into: Link object Network with two decimal places * Data start date earlier than model start date The following issues occur: 1. The values get divided by 100 once the link properties dialog is closed. You can see this also when plotting the time series and getting the values from the plot 2. Although the date imported for the first row is the data start date, a message pop up saying that the date is incorrect

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  1. Bob Lounsbury


    1. My assumption here is that you have your model set for integer precision, 0, that is why you see the numbers being divided by 100. If you want to use two decimal place precision you need to set the model precision to 2, here:

      Screenshot - 2_16_2015 , 8_09_48 PM.png

    2. There are two dates in the Network Settings, "Data Start" and "Simulation Start". Currently MODSIM requires that the first date in all timeseries data be equal to Data Start. I do not see a message pop up about incorrect dates as long as the first date in the timeseries is equal to Data Start.

      Screenshot - 2_16_2015 , 8_11_43 PM.png

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