Letxuga is a Django based project for the management of delivery activities for agroecological co-ops and groups.

It was created by Enkidu Coop under the umbrella of the Co-Op group Las Indias.

Installation and Configuration

Software Requirements

Letxuga uses PostGIS and GeoDjango. PostgreSQL 9.1 and PostGIS 1.5 must be installed to run the application. Please look for the way to do this in your Operating System/Distribution.

Install the dependencies listed in docs/requirements.txt using pip:

$ pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

Database Configuration

Create a PostGIS enabled database in your PostgreSQL server. The template_postgis template must exist in the server prior to the database setup. Also, make sure that you have been granted access to the database and that you know the authentication settings for it:

$ su - postgres
$ createdb letxuga -EUTF8 -Ttemplate_postgis
$ psql -f path/to/postgis-1.5/spatial_ref_sys.sql -d letxuga

Edit the DATABASES option in timotes/ to reflect your database settings and synchronize the database to create the necessary tables and to create an administration user:

$ python syncdb

Running with the development server

If everything went ok, you should be able to test the project by running:

$ python runserver

Please refer to the Django Deployment Documentation for information about how to run the application in a production environment.