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TV Scrapper is a tool to automate the download of weekly shows using and bittorrent.


  • MLDonkey support (using telnet)
  • Transmission support (via transmissionrpc module)
  • Windows support (uses Windows Shell and the default handler of .torrent files)
  • Modular: can be easily extended with new commands (RSS feeds, new P2P clients, ...).

Prerequisites requires a recent Python distribution (tested with 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6) and the Storm ORM:

$ easy_install -U storm

Also uses BeautifulSoup HTML parser.

$ easy_install -U BeautifulSoup

If you want transmission support you have to install transmission json-rpc module:

easy_install -U transmissionrpc

To fetch shows from RSS ( EZTV feed only at the moment) you will need feedparser:

easy_install feedparser

To use EZTV Twitter timeline to get new torrents you will need python-twitter and hachoir:

easy_install python-twitter hachoir_parser hachoir_metadata

In Windows you will also need "Python for Windows Extensions".


Create a default empty database (SQLite).

In Linux or POSIX:

$ mkdir  $HOME/.tvscrap
$ cp migration/tvscrap_template.db $HOME/.tvscrap/tvscrap.db

In Windows (using command-line)

c:\tvscrap> mkdir "%HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%\.tvscrap"
c:\tvscrap> copy migration\tvscrap_template.db "%HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%\.tvscrap"

Command line help

Try to run the help command:

$ python help

tvscrap help
    Show this help
tvscrap register -s <show> -x <rx> [-m xx] [-n xx]
    Register a new show in DB
tvscrap shows
    List of registered shows
tvscrap episodes <show>
    Episode list for a show
tvscrap delete -s <show> [-e <episode>]
    Delete an episode/show from DB
tvscrap pending
    List of pending episodes
tvscrap eztv [-f file|-u url]
    Download torrents from eztv
tvscrap eztv_mininova [-f file|-u url]
    Download torrents from EZTV RSS feed
tvscrap eztv_btchat [-f file|-u url]
    Download torrents from EZTV RSS feed
tvscrap mldonkey [-m host] [-p port] [-u username] [-w password]
    Queue torrents in mldonkey
tvscrap transm [-m host] [-p port] [-u username] [-w password]
    Queue torrents in transmission
tvscrap windefault
    Queue torrents using the default .torrent handler in Windows
tvscrap config
    Dump config variables
tvscrap set -n varname -v value
    Set/Update config variable
tvscrap unset -n varname
    Delete config variable


Register a new show and download it only if the size of the file is between 150 and 300 MB

$ python register -s "The.Big.Bang.Theory" -x "^The\s+Big\s+Bang\s+Theory\s+" -m 150 -n 300

List registered shows:

$ python shows

'Dexter' '^Dexter\s+' (min: 350.0 Mb, max: 650.0 Mb)
'The Big Bang Theory' '^The\s+Big\s+Bang\s+Theory\s+' (min: 150.0 Mb, max: 400.0 Mb)

Configure default user/password of your mldonkey account (this has to be done only once):

$ python set mldonkey.username "admin"
$ python set mldonkey.password "pass"
$ python set "localhost"
$ python set mldonkey.port "4000"

Fetch torrents from and feed them to MLDonkey:

$ python eztv
$ python mldonkey

There is a analogous set of variables for transmission support (, transmission.port, etc). The command to queue the torrents in transmission is:

$ python transm

You will need to enable the web interface of Transmission, by default in port 9091.

Configure cron to check for new shows every 6 hours:

$ crontab -e

# And then add
12 */6 * * * python /path/to/ eztv_twitter; python /path/to/ transm

Or if you are using Windows and have a bittorrent client already configured you can use a Windows Scheduled Task that launchs: eztv_twitter windefault


Works on my machine