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Cameron Hummels  committed 7494200

Removing ProtostellarCollapse from the various testing suites, since it isn't being tested at this point anyway, and it generates a lot of unnecessary output.

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File run/Hydro/Hydro-3D/ProtostellarCollapse_Std/ProtostellarCollapse_Std.enzotest

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 gravity = True
 dimensionality = 3
 max_time_minutes = 3
-fullsuite = True
-pushsuite = True
-quicksuite = True
+fullsuite = False
+pushsuite = False
+quicksuite = False

File run/test_runner.py

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     # different ways on different systems.  There are 'test_almost_standard"s
     # in Zeldovichs's directories which are just like standard without x-vel 
     # field comparisons, which is why we leave them out here.
+    # Same with MHD2DRotorTest
     ignore_list = ('GravityTest', 'ProtostellarCollapse_Std',
                    'ZeldovichPancake', 'AMRZeldovichPancake',