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Yuan Li
Correction: NOGHOST index, Time, edge, etc
Yuan Li
add the other side of the jet
Yuan Li
calculate gas velocity in the jet cells
add Velocity to Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C
hg revert Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C back to previous version (with the declarations)
change Make.mach.trestles--point to my home directory
modified Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C: declare variables
fix small error in Make.config.objects
add a new parameter ClusterSMBHFeedback
add Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C to Grid.h and Make.config.objects
MassUnits convert
pull Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C
add ClusterSMBH
Greg Bryan
small fix so it prints only on root processor.
Greg Bryan
In some cases, this routine is passed NumberOfCells = 0, which results in poor estimates of the optimal subgrid sizes. This change detects this case, sets the optimal values to some reasonable defaults and prints a warning.
Greg Bryan
intermediate checkin
Greg Bryan
incomplete checkin
Yuan Li
Partition Grid only if not already partitioned
merge with enzo-dev
mergered to tip add test run
add Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C change CallProblemSpecificRoutines change Grid_SetFlaggingFieldStaticRegions
Sam Skillman
Merged in gbryan/enzo-dev-gb (pull request #124) Correction in the computation of the gravitational potential RHS for the MultiGrid solver
Greg Bryan
Changing the computation of the source term for the Multigrid solver from Nx*Ny*Nz to (Nx-1)*(Ny-1)*(Nz). This matches the differencing used in the Multigrid solver (which treats the potential boundaries as the grid centers). This bug was pointed out sometime ago by Dan Reynolds, but I unwisely didn't act on it until now. This ends up solving a persistent error in the potential seen most clearly in the GravitySphere test -- the potential is off by typically a value of about 6-8%, entirely due to t…
Daniel Reynolds
Updated post-processing scripts to change Total_Energy to TotalEnergy.
John Wise
Merged in dcollins4096/mhdct-extras (pull request #116) Minor changes to Read/Set EvolveRefineRegion to avoid floating point comparisons
Minor changes to Read/Set EvolveRefineRegion to avoid floating point comparisons
Brian O'Shea
Updated README file to add missing contributors.
Michael Kuhlen
Merged in brittonsmith/enzo-dev (pull request #123: Fixing up one zone freefall test.)
Britton Smith
Fixed header.
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