Author Commit Message Date
still need to figure out what to do when bottom jet is at the edge of the grid
fix errors
fix error
if shifted velocity is not on the grid, return
change Vrotation back to 1kpc
index+1 only for Vz
merge changes (1kpc -- 10kpc rotation starting point)
add print statement
index + 1 only when using Zeus
k+1 for velocity only
two jets, change index k back to original (k+1 for velocity only--next step)
Yuan Li
merge changes
Yuan Li
change the initial rotation starting radius from 1kpc to 10kpc
if angle=0
fix small error (index + 1)
fix small error
fix errors
Yuan Li
add opening angle
Yuan Li
move velocity boundary for the lower jet 1 cellwidth add opening angle--to be continued
back to linear ramp
unit conversion for JetVelocity
merge branch on hpc
merge branch/heads
add two parameters: Tramp StartTime
add JetOffset parameter
add a few parameters in Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C
Yuan Li
Correction: NOGHOST index, Time, edge, etc
Yuan Li
add the other side of the jet
Yuan Li
calculate gas velocity in the jet cells
add Velocity to Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C
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