Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
remove ColdGasMass and TotalColdGasMass as parameters
fix error -- delete temperaturefield
little change: print Time and mass in Msun
add ColdGasMass and TotalColdGasMass as parameters
subtract gas mass from the disk based on accretion rate (incomplete)
add GetUnits to ClusterSMBHSumGasMass.C
delete Temperature--free memory
change back to no-ghost ijk
Yuan Li
No-ghost zone not use
still have not figured out what the problem is
add print statement to Grid_ClusterSMBHEachGridGasMass.C
change where ColdGasMass is declared
fix small error
fix errors, add to Make.config.objects
change the name from Grid_ClusterSMBHCalculateGasMass.C to Grid_ClusterSMBHEachGridGasMass.C
Cleaned up some problems with ClusterSMBH mass measurement.
Grid_ClusterSMBHCalculateGasMass.C step one
processing jets
precessing jet step 1: jet at a different direction
if not zeus, fail.
add print statement
add thermal feedback; add parameter Edot, KineticFraction. Calculate JetVelocity
fix small errors that Greg found in Grid_ClusterSMBHFeedback.C
done with the index shifting for v_z! Tested!
still need to figure out what to do when bottom jet is at the edge of the grid
fix errors
fix error
if shifted velocity is not on the grid, return
change Vrotation back to 1kpc
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