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 Cluster Cooling Flow (108)
+``ClusterSMBHFeedback`` (external)
     Boolean flag. Default: FALSE
+``ClusterSMBHJetMdot`` (external)
     Mdot of one Jet. Units: Solar mass per year. Default: 3.0
+``ClusterSMBHJetVelocity`` (external)
     Units:km/s. Default: 10000.0
+``ClusterSMBHJetRadius`` (external)
     The radius of the jet launching region. Units: cell width. Default: 6.0
+``ClusterSMBHJetLaunchOffset`` (external)
     The distance of the jet launching plane to the center of the cluster. Units: cell width. Default: 10.0
+``ClusterSMBHStartTime`` (external)
     The time to start feedback in code unit. Default: 1.0
+``ClusterSMBHTramp`` (external)
     The ramp time in Myr. Default: 0.1
+``ClusterSMBHJetOpenAngleRadius`` (external)
     Default: 0.0
+``ClusterSMBHFastJetRadius`` (external)
     Default: 0.1
+``ClusterSMBHFastJetVelocity`` (external)
     Unit: km/s. Default: 10000.0
+``ClusterSMBHJetEdot`` (external)
     Unit: 10^44 ergs/s. Default: 1.0
+``ClusterSMBHKineticFraction`` (external)
     The fraction of kinetic energy feedback; the rest is thermal feedback. Default: 1.0
+``ClusterSMBHJetAngleTheta`` (external)
     The angle of the jet direction with respect to z-axis. Default: 0.0 (along the axis)
+``ClusterSMBHJetAnglePhi`` (external)
     Default: 0.0
+``ClusterSMBHJetPrecessionPeriod`` (external)
     Unit: Myr. Default: 0.0 (not precessing)
+``ClusterSMBHCalculateGasMass`` (external)
     Type: integer. 1--Calculate the amount of cold gas around the SMBH and remove it at the rate of 2*Mdot; 2--Calculate Mdot based on the amount of cold gas around the SMBH; 0--off (do not remove cold gas). Default: 1.
+``ClusterSMBHFeedbackSwitch`` (external)
     Boolean flag. When ClusterSMBHCalculateGasMass=1, ClusterSMBHFeedbackSwitch is turned on when there is enough cold gas (ClusterSMBHEnoughColdGas) around the SMBH. Default: FALSE
+``ClusterSMBHEnoughColdGas`` (external)
     Unit: Solar mass. Default: 1.0e7
+``ClusterSMBHAccretionTime`` (external)
     When ClusterSMBHCalculateGasMass = 2, Mdot = Mcold/ClusterSMBHAccretionTime. Default: 5.0 (Myr)
+``ClusterSMBHJetDim`` (external)
     0--x; 1--y; 2--z. Default: 2
+``ClusterSMBHAccretionEpsilon`` (external)
     Jet Edot = ClusterSMBHAccretionEpsilon * Mdot * c^2. Default: 0.001