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I think it can be confusing for new (and old) users to find various locations for sometimes disparate information about a code like enzo. We've done a pretty good job of removing references to the LCA page and all of its old versions of enzo. But now we have and, which are two separate places that we need to keep up to date (and are currently not in sync with each other). What further complicates issues is that there are virtually no references that I can find about us using bitbucket (only 1 in the dev section), even though it is the main avenue by which we all interact with the code.

It seems to me the only reason we keep up the website is to provide a location for the "stable" versions of the code to be downloaded (e.g. 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, etc.). It also seems like was preferred before we had built up the website (which IMO is much nicer), but now there is so much crosstalk between the two that it seems very confusing (and difficult to keep everything up to date if we must update the docs, and then two websites with relevant information every time we modify something).

So what I'm asking is, can we migrate everything to just sit on the website (boot camp, tarballs, content); delete the website; remove all references to; and continue to do everything through with a short rope to bitbucket for those who want to get the code?

I may have missed some significant reasons for keeping the googlecode website, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think my proposition would streamline our public face a lot for new users.

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  1. Britton Smith

    I can't see any argument for keeping the googlecode site. It served a purpose for a while, but with the services offered on bitbucket, specifically forking and Pull Requests, I don't think it does anymore. I would be fine with getting rid of it.

  2. Michael Kuhlen

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    Hi Cameron

    I'm +1 on ditching altogether. As you probably saw, we removed any mention from googlecode from the 2.2 release announcement email and indeed from, so effectively we're already there. I would vote for no longer maintaining the googlecode site at all, but it may make sense to let it stay up as is, so no old bookmarks are broken. Perhaps we could make the link to a bit more prominent on that site, or even auto re-direct?

    migrate everything to just sit on the website (boot camp, tarballs, content)

    This part has already happened: boot camp is at, the release notes and changelog at, and I just uploaded tarballs of the stable releases to



    On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 12:11 PM, Cameron Hummels <


  3. chummels reporter

    I've modified the website to include a banner redirecting all people to use the website from now on.

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