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  1. chummels

In showing a new user how to install enzo earlier this week, I noticed a number of errors in the installer documentation. One, we're still referencing that the main site for getting the code is googlecode, which is outdated. While updating this, I made sure that it had all of the instructions for getting the code and building it from scratch from current sources (enzo-project.org and bitbucket).

I also got rid of the Doxygen config file and a bunch of old makefile examples which don't get used anymore. I'm open to changing things, but I want to make sure we don't turn away new users with making our installation instructions difficult or outdated.

UPDATE1: Made modifications to account for the suggestions @MatthewTurk . In addition, updated the current machine list, the current contents of the enzo/src dir, the current show-config defaults, etc. Just generally made things more consistent and hand-holdy for the new user.

Comments (4)

  1. MattT

    These look mostly good to me initially, but I'm going to review this tomorrow. A few immediate comments come to mind. 1) I support removing the old makefiles. 2) They were put there because there was some previous resistance to removing them. 3) Doxygen I'm -0 on removing, since I think in the past it has produced useful things like callgraphs. Thanks for this work, Cameron!

  2. MattT

    Okay, even though I'm -0 on removing Doxygen, it's still in the history so we could get it back eventually, and it's not used now. So I'm okay with that. But there is that one paragraph which I think is benign and helpful, so I would ask it come back in unless you have strong objections.

  3. MattT

    All of these changes look really good to me, and definitely a bunch of broad improvements. I'm approving, and it looks like @jwise77 , @jsoishi and @samskillman are all listed as "not yet approved" reviewers still.