Removing some incorrect code from the collapse test initializer.

#146 Merged at 8ba486b
  1. Nathan Goldbaum

It looks like someone, at some point (back in the days of SVN) was trying to implement the 'standard' isothermal collapse problem (e.g. Burkert & Bodenheimer 1993). However, they did it incorrectly - the 'standard' problem is a m=2 perturbation on a uniform background density profile - and in such a way as to make some possibly useful choices - a cored sphere and a Bonnor Ebert sphere - incorrect in a non-obvious way.

I guess these choices aren't used terribly often since it's been in the codebase for so long, but having just found a use case for a collapse test with a cored sphere, I vote that the hard-coded m=2 perturbation should be removed.

Comments (3)

  1. Sam Skillman

    This looks good to me, Nathan. @yl2501, it looks like this may change the NFWCoolCoreCluster answer test, which is in the full suite. Is there any reason why Sphere Type 6 shouldn't be updated here?

    1. Nathan Goldbaum author

      I think I was a bit hasty yesterday when I said that NFWCoolCoreCluster might be affected. NFWCoolCoreCluster defines ClusterSphereType, which is a totally different parameter compared to CollapseTestSphereType. Looking at the run/ directory, all the extant tests use ClusterSphereType = 1 or 2, so this PR shouldn't change any answers.