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#150 Merged at a425b1d

Updating default gold standard to enzogold0002

  1. Sam Skillman

New gold standard: bb3f1f2f445f Also tagged the changest.

The only answer-changing PR since enzogold0001 was: https://bitbucket.org/enzo/enzo-dev/pull-request/144/fixing-memory-bug-in-the-hii-restricted/diff

This only changed the answer in the push-suite for PhotonTestAMR

The reason for updating the gold now is to make sure that there is a gold standard before and after the MHD-CT pull request.

Comments (7)

    1. Brian O'shea

      Yes, it is, but parts of the test suite are failing for both the tip of enzo-dev and for the MHD-CT fork (albeit in exactly the same way, and with the same values, so it's not because of the MHD-CT). So, it needs to be updated. That said, I do think it's good to mention what results have changed and so on.

      1. Nathan Goldbaum

        My point was, why update now when it will have to be updated when mhdct merged in? That isn't a problem if this new version contains those new tests.

        Sam has convinced me that it's not terribly useful to use the amazon gold standard for regression testing, it's much better to generate your own local gold standard on a known working changeset and then compare with that.

        1. Matt Turk

          It's probably a good idea to have a working one before and a working one after. I think this is a good thing to do. My question is: what has changed?

          1. Sam Skillman author

            I put an answer up in the updated description of this PR, but the only meaningful change was to PhotonTestAMR due to the PR with the memory error.