#260 Merged at 3ce8ee8
  1. Britton Smith

This should not be accepted until I add a test, but I'm putting this up in case someone wants to use it.

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  1. Nathan Goldbaum

    I thought we were only updating the grackle bindings for grackle 2.0 in enzo-3.0. Did that decision change?

    1. Britton Smith author

      I interpreted @chummels's comment in the enzo-3.0 PR as deciding to add them here as well. I ended up doing this for some of my own work and just decided to issue this in case others would find it useful.

    1. Sam Skillman

      This is my bad since I haven't updated the tests. I can get this going this week. Sorry for the delay!

        1. Sam Skillman

          The Grackle has landed, I'm updating to local-gold-004, and will have enzo-bot retest this shortly.

    1. Sam Skillman

      Blargh. Forgot to make grackle-yes with this configuration. My dumb. I'm a bit confused at the non-grackle problems though -- let's see what happens when it builds with grackle.

  2. Nathan Goldbaum

    For what it's worth, I've been using this PR in production for a while and have had no issues.

  3. Sam Skillman

    Hmm, looks like when you run with grackle-no, this ends up changing the old answers. For example, in the CoolingTest_Cloudy, the DD0000 parameter file differs:

    < use_grackle                 = 0
    < with_radiative_cooling      = 1
    < grackle_data_file           = 
    < UVbackground                = 0
    < Compton_xray_heating        = 0
    < LWbackground_intensity      = 0.000000
    < LWbackground_sawtooth_suppression = 0
    < TemperatureEnd                 = 1000000000.000000
    > TemperatureEnd                 = 100000000.000000

    I think these types of changes are enough (blargh) to cause all failures other than the Grackle one (which was due to no enabling grackle) here: http://srs.slac.stanford.edu/hudson/job/enzo-dev/159/testReport/junit/

    1. Britton Smith author

      Looks like cooling times are off at the 6th decimal place or so. Is this acceptable?

      1. Brian OShea

        It doesn't bother me at all - it's only off in the Cloudy cooling test. Do you have any idea why it might be different?

        1. Brian OShea

          OK. I'll give it until the end of the working day (East Coast time) for people to raise objections, and if there are none I will merge.

          1. Sam Skillman

            Now the difference is because the gold standard was made with the old setting. I think this PR is done.