Adding a color density floor in the PPM reconstruction

#284 Merged at e923f2d
  1. John Wise
  • Enforce a floor for the color fields in PPM, which is consistent with other fields.

  • Adding more debugging statements in a chem/energy solver crash.

Comments (10)

  1. Brian OShea

    Note that one of the discussion items on the Trello board is "unification of floor values" - Dave Collins was pushing for this. We might want to think about that in this context.

  2. Devin Silvia

    Outside of @bwoshea 's point about floor value unification, this one looks good to me.

  3. meecegr

    Looks good. I'm guessing that none of the test problems use a color field with a value below the floor. I'm guessing it has John tested with values below that?

    1. John Wise author

      I had some species fractions (H2I and H2II very close to a radiation source) that were around 1e-20.

  4. James Larrue

    I think the unification of floor values is outside the scope of this PR, so I am accepting.

  5. dcollins4096

    Would it be possible to replace the 1.d-35 with a variable called something like color_floor, so it's easy to find when we do unify the floor values? I agree that it's formally outside the scope, but we can make things easier on ourselves later.

    1. John Wise author

      It doesn't hurt to add a define with color_floor in this instance and add the other places where we floor the colors and species fractions later on.