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#287 Merged at 217af27

Miscellaneous changes

  1. John Wise
  • Consolidating MPI call in star particle counts.

  • Changing the behavior of JeansRefinementColdTemperature to consider it as a floor instead of a constant value.

  • Making the metallicity projection only density-weighted instead of density^2 weighted. This was done to be consistent with yt (when my yt installation was broken!)

  • Only communicate BigStarFormationDone if using sink particles.

  • Turning off logging output for H2-regulated star formation.

Comments (12)

  1. John Wise author

    Matt Turk I'm not sure how changing the JeansRefinementColdTemperature behavior would affect your simulations. In runs with heated regions, there was too much refinement. But I think of this parameter to avoid refinement in the IGM at temperatures T < T_CMB and when the mean density is high at early times.

    1. Matt Turk

      Hi John, I always used it as a theoretical minimum to which the gas could cool -- to increase refinement. I think the idea was "What's the minimum temperature you would want things to cool to when you evaluate the Jeans". Maybe it was poorly named.

  2. John Wise author

    Oh, I see now. This would change the behavior, and I think we should keep it the same. I see two solutions: (1) If the parameter is negative, then we use it as a floor. If it's positive, then we use it as a constant temperature. (2) Just make a new parameter, JeansRefinementTemperatureFloor, to avoid refinement in very cold regions.

    I'm leaning toward option 2 to avoid confusion in the parameter, but it's yet another parameter.

      1. John Wise author

        I slept on it, and I had a change of heart. I'm going with the first option to avoid adding another parameter. I'll just describe it in the docs.