#287 Merged at 217af27
  1. John Wise
  • Consolidating MPI call in star particle counts.

  • Changing the behavior of JeansRefinementColdTemperature to consider it as a floor instead of a constant value.

  • Making the metallicity projection only density-weighted instead of density^2 weighted. This was done to be consistent with yt (when my yt installation was broken!)

  • Only communicate BigStarFormationDone if using sink particles.

  • Turning off logging output for H2-regulated star formation.

Comments (12)

  1. John Wise author

    @MattT I'm not sure how changing the JeansRefinementColdTemperature behavior would affect your simulations. In runs with heated regions, there was too much refinement. But I think of this parameter to avoid refinement in the IGM at temperatures T < T_CMB and when the mean density is high at early times.

    1. MattT

      Hi John, I always used it as a theoretical minimum to which the gas could cool -- to increase refinement. I think the idea was "What's the minimum temperature you would want things to cool to when you evaluate the Jeans". Maybe it was poorly named.

  2. John Wise author

    Oh, I see now. This would change the behavior, and I think we should keep it the same. I see two solutions: (1) If the parameter is negative, then we use it as a floor. If it's positive, then we use it as a constant temperature. (2) Just make a new parameter, JeansRefinementTemperatureFloor, to avoid refinement in very cold regions.

    I'm leaning toward option 2 to avoid confusion in the parameter, but it's yet another parameter.

      1. John Wise author

        I slept on it, and I had a change of heart. I'm going with the first option to avoid adding another parameter. I'll just describe it in the docs.