Changes to the users guide: added MUSIC description, QuickStart guide, some reorganization

#376 Merged at 597a708
  1. Greg Bryan
  • Added Boot Camp from web page, now renamed QuickStart. This could use some work -- the basic version is more or less a direct copy of the current Boot Camp.
  • Added description of MUSIC IC generator, including some sample parameter files.
  • Removed sections describing sample parameter file (now point to tests in run directory).
  • Cleaned up section describing inits (but added back very basic parameter files).
  • Moved description of Test Suite into the users guide (from developers guide)
  • Moved two sections (mostly on old ways of generating ICs) into supplementary and labelled them as deprecated.
  • Moved description of hierarchy file from users guide to reference (seems like a better place!)
  • Cleaned up a number of dead links, etc.
  • Commit status

Comments (4)

  1. Daegene Koh

    @gbryan Hi Greg, so the Test Suite section was moved intentionally. I think we agreed here at the workshop that it was more relevant to developers than users. Was there a particular reason for moving it back?

  2. Greg Bryan author

    Oops! The downside of developing from afar. Yes, that seems reasonable. I'll make that change -- let me know if there are any other issues.

  3. Brian OShea

    @gbryan I made some small changes below. Beyond @dkoh 's suggestions, I think this is in great shape!

  4. Greg Bryan author

    I moved the test suite back and made other corrections. Thanks @dkoh and @bwoshea !