Optically Thin Radiation and MultiFrequency Test

#409 Merged at ae5812b
  1. John Regan

I'm adding functionality into the Grid_AddH2Dissociation function to allow for optically thin calculation of the H2I, H2II and HM dissociations.

I also added a multi-frequency test to calculate the impact of radiation across 7 bins. When I ran the test on this problem it turned out I forgot to port some functionality across from my enzo-3.0 fork. This test results are now nearly identical between enzo-dev and enzo-3.0. The differences are now due to differences in the multispecies solver. The latest version of Grackle is different from the version I use in Enzo-3.0 otherwise the results are identical.

Comments (3)

  1. John Wise

    This looks good to me. My main concern is the removal of the geometric correction to the ray tracer, but @john_regan replied that those variables aren’t used in that instance.

    1. John Regan author

      Hi @jwise77 ,

      Thanks for the super fast review. That code snippet seems to have got pulled in erroneously in my previous PR. The variables in that snippet never get used but the GEO_CORRECTION is still active.

  2. Brian OShea

    This passes the test suite (with the exception of the new test, which throws errors b/c it was not in the gold standard… but this is readily explainable). Also, LGTM.