#412 Merged at 6213407
  1. Brian OShea

This PR includes two primary changes to the documentation:

  1. The parameter list is now in a single large, easily-searchable page rather than multiple pages. This page has a table of contents at the top and anchors throughout for easy navigation.
  2. The “Physics modules in Enzo” section has been renamed to “Physics and Analysis Capabilities” and has been substantially expanded to cover as much of Enzo’s physics as possible, as well as a listing of the current analysis capabilities. Wherever possible, a brief overview of the physics is given, links to appropriate sections in the parameter file are given, and a brief “which one should you choose?” strengths/weaknesses section is put in.

Note that the “Physics and Analysis Capabilities” section is currently either relatively or very sparse in the “Additional physics” and “analysis modules” sections, depending on the sub-section. This will be updated as the opportunity arises.

Contributions come from: @clairekope @cjllorente @cdb09f @drenniks @mihirskulkarni @bwoshea

Comments (6)

  1. Philipp Grete

    I get quite a bit of warning compiling the docs (that I didn't get compiling the original version). Should we take care of the warning given that all the files are touched anyway with this PR?

      1. Nathan Goldbaum

        In fact you might want to make sphinx die if it finds warnings. You can do this by passing -W to sphinx-build in the sphinx makefile.

  2. Philipp Grete

    I just demoted all problem type parameter headings as they cluttered the TOC on the right hand side navigation. They're still in the TOC of the parameter file page and are active links.

  3. Brian OShea author

    Following up on my comment above, I’ve incorporated the Makefile change from PR #413 (now declined) that treats doc build warnings as errors, I have fixed a bunch of problems with the compilation that resulted, and resolved some merge conflicts stemming from docs that were modified in recently-accepted PRs. I think that this is ready to go!