#415 Merged at 30e21a3
  1. dcollins4096
  • Renaming MHD Poisson cleaning parameters

    • Makes it clear that UseDivergenceCleaning is and additional bit of code
  • Updating docs for PoissonDivergenceCleaning

    • And put it in the docs
  • update note about comoving Phi source term for Dedner.

    • There was a note about future implementation of the Phi expansion terms. It has been determined that this is not necessary.

Comments (8)

  1. Brian OShea

    @dcollins4096 , the documentation you’ve created conflicts with PR #412 (which rearranges everything in the doc/manual/source/parameters directory). We should hold off on accepting this PR until #412 gets accepted, and then update your docs. Also, please note that there’s a merge conflict in src/enzo/Grid_PoissonSolverTestInitializeGrid.C that also needs to be fixed!

  2. dcollins4096 author

    I fixed the comments @bwoshea made. I left the recommendation about UsePoissonDivergenceCleaning purposefully cryptic; it probably works and does something useful, but the cost/benefit hasn’t been established.

  3. Iryna Butsky

    @dcollins4096 Are there methods papers you can link to that describe the implementation of methods 3 and 4 of UsePoissonDivergenceCleaning?

    1. Philipp Grete

      Are you looking for an Enzo related method paper or for more general information regarding conjugate gradient methods?

      When we discussed this at the workshop no one was aware of an Enzo related method paper describing the actual implementation/testing, which is why we decided to add a warning in the documentation.

      1. Iryna Butsky

        I see! I was just looking for something that described either the implementation in Enzo or a paper that describes the general approach the authors were following. But if there isn’t one, then I think the warning is enough. Thanks!

  4. Brian OShea

    I’ll run the test suite to ensure that things work. Assuming they do, I think this one is ready to merge!

      1. Brian OShea

        Not a problem, I know you’re on vacation. I just ran it, and it passes. I’ll go ahead and accept this PR!