Rolled back minor changes to allow compilation with 32 bit reals/ints

#416 Merged at 149dd1d
  1. Forrest Glines

Changed a couple FLOAT's back to double's so that some HEALPix functions still work when compiling with single precision.

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  1. Nathan Goldbaum

    Yes, the makefile changes should happen in a separate pull request, along with a clear explanation about what they do if you want to upstream them.

  2. Forrest Glines author

    I meant these changes to go into a later pull request. I didn’t realize these commits would also be added to the pull request. I’m not familiar enough with Bitbucket/Mercurial to remove these commits from the pull request - should I use backout to remove the changes?

    I was experimenting with some linking options to get rid of using LD_LIBRARY_PATH, since apparently it’s discouraged and can cause some common problems. However, these are a lot of changes to all the machine makefiles, so I wanted to experiment more with this before pushing something upstream.

    1. Nathan Goldbaum

      Ah, I see. Sorry for assuming you bundled those changes on purpose. It’s too easy to make VCS mistakes - I do it all the time. Usually you want to check the PR diff before hitting submit to make sure you’re only including the changes you want to include and to give everything a last sanity check.

      To fix this, you’ll need to first strip some commits on bitbucket. To do that, go to the admin settings for your fork of enzo, and under “General” click “strip commits”. You want to strip “05dd8f7”. That will fix this pull request.

      Now on your local copy of Enzo you want to first turn on the rebase extension. To do that add a couple lines to your .hgrc that look like this:

      rebase =

      If you already have an [extensions] section in your hgrc you can just add rebase =.

      Now you want to do the following:

      hg pull
      hg up $(hg id -r week-of-code
      hg rebase -r 05dd8f7 -d $(hg id -r week-of-code

      That will move the commit you made with the rpath changes to a new head, that you can track separately with a bookmark and push to Bitbucket with hg push -B rpath-work (or whatever you want to call the bookmark). Eventually you’ll make a pull request from that head, assuming you do it before we move to github.

  3. Brian OShea

    This passes the test suite at changeset d26cea9. @forrestglines , do you need to make any additional updates to this PR, or should we push for reviewers?