Enzo Flowchart Fix for Documentation

#418 Merged at 17c7be9
  1. Corey Brummel-Smith
  • Fixed all broken hyperlinks in the Enzo flowchart to now point to source code on Bitbucket.
  • Enzo flowchart is now included in Sphinx documentation as static html

Comments (9)

    1. dcollins4096

      Maybe? It should at least come with a giant caveat. It would be good to re-create it, but I don’t have that technology.

      1. Brian OShea

        It’s definitely somewhat out of date, but at the level that people seem to really use it (i.e., getting a sense of how Enzo actually works internally) I think it’s fine as-is. Adding a caveat would be a really good idea, though. @cdb09f, would you be willing to add that?

        1. Corey Brummel-Smith author

          FlowChart.rst actually already has a caveat that the flowchart is not guaranteed to be completely correct.

          I noticed there is an outdated link in FlowChart.rst to the “Enzo Source Browser”. I don’t think the Enzo Source Browser exists anymore so I should probably get rid of that paragraph. Unless it does exist somewhere online, in which case we can update that link.

          1. dcollins4096

            I agree that the source browser links should be removed, I don’t think it exists. I may have the code, but it’s not really that useful anyway. If you could remove that, and make the text on FlowChart.rst clearly state that it contains inaccuracies and the user should ultimately consult the source code, that would be awesome. Also it says “Flow Chart and Source Browser” on the main page, but I think that comes from the title in FlowChart.rst.