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+[Event "?"]
+[Site "?"]
+[Date "2012.07.15"]
+[Round "?"]
+[White "New game"]
+[Black "?"]
+[Result "*"]
+[Annotator ",vasanth"]
+[SetUp "1"]
+[FEN "8/p6p/4k3/8/4K3/8/P5PP/8 w - - 0 1"]
+1. g4 {It is generally advisable to advance the pawn that is free from
+opposition} a5 {Black makes an advance on the other side, and now White
+considers whether or not he should stop the advance. In this case either way
+wins, but generally the advance should be stopped when the opposing King is
+far away} 2. a4 Kf6 3. h4 Ke6 ({If} 3...Kg6 {then simple counting will show
+that White goes to the other side with his King, wins the P at a5, and then
+Queens his single Pawn long before Black can do the same}) 4. g5 Kf7 5. Kf5
+Kg7 6. h5 Kf7 ({if} 6... h6 7. g6 {and then the two Pawns defend themselves
+and White can go to the other side with his King, to win the other Pawn}) 7.
+Ke5 {Now it is time to go to the other side with the King, win the Black Pawn
+and Queen the single Pawn. This is typical of all such endings and should be
+worked out by the student in this case and in similar cases which he can put
+up.} *


 attention to these elementary things which form the basis of true mastership
 in Chess.</p>
+<h3>Example 10. </h3>
+<p>In these cases the general rule is to <em>act immediately on the
+side where you have the superior forces</em>. Thus we have:</p>
+{{ game.pgn("example10", "chapter1", "capablanca-cf") }}
 {% endblock %}