Run on unseen material without annotations

Issue #8 invalid
Elias Ponvert
repo owner created an issue

When passing a test file to, if it does not have annotations for evaluation, we currently have this error:

{{{ Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AssertionError at upparse.corpus.UnlabeledBracketSet.fromTokens( at upparse.corpus.UnlabeledBracketSet.fromString( at upparse.corpus.CCLParserCorpusTreeIter.getNext( at upparse.corpus.CCLParserCorpusTreeIter.getNext( at upparse.util.Pipe$1.getNext( at at upparse.corpus.UnlabeledBracketSetCorpus.fromTreeIter( at upparse.corpus.CorpusUtil.cclpUnlabeledBracketSetCorpus( at upparse.cli.Main.getCCLParserOutput( at upparse.cli.Main.cclpEval( at upparse.cli.Main.main( }}}

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