Issue #70 new

vim-Qt encoding and multibyte

equalsraf avatarequalsraf created an issue

Two part issue

  1. Allow vim-Qt to be built without multi_byte support.
  2. Treat text as Ascii(?) when 'encoding'' changes

see :help encoding and multibyte

Initial work for this is in the tb-no-multibyte branch. Light testing shows that it works as intended in my system - multibyte is disabled and some UTF-8 encoded files display weird chars.

This is not high in my list, and it requires further testing before it can be merged in. In particular dealing with encodings that involve Chinese/Japanese symbols. I'm not sure how this is supposed to behave since most my systems use UTF-8 anyway. But at the very least I would like to be sure that cases when 'encoding' is not utf-8 are handled properly.

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