missing scrollbar and font rednering issue

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Built from a git pull on 2012-06-20, on Fedora 17/KDE 4.8.3/Qt 4.8.2, as the screenshot shows, the scrollbar is missing on the vim-qt window on the left (built with --enable-gui=qt), the right window is the gtk2 version built with --enable-gui=gtk2.

There also seems to be a subtle font rendering difference between the two, the right window (GTK2 version) seems to have shaper fonts.

Finally, a minor issue, the QT version seems to have a little more white space at the bottom of the window after the status line,

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  1. Rui repo owner

    Cheers, thanks for the reports.

    1. All scrollbars are currently broken (issue #45) - this will probably take a while to get fixed
    2. The subtle font rendering difference is interesting. What font are you using? Do you see this difference with other fonts?
    3. The extra white space is intentional - there are some situation where vim-gtk will shrink the window (when maximizing for example) in order to keep it consistent with the font cell size - we do this to avoid resizing issues.
  2. Rui repo owner

    Ups, my mistake, I meant issue #45 instead of #63.

    We used to have scrollbars working, but they would sometimes cause Vim to segfault. I've ended up disabling them because I lacked the time to fully investigate the problem.

    1. Vim can have several scrollbars at each edge (left, right and bottom). We implemented this as a layout where Vim would add/remove scrollbars around the main widget - but since Vim kept adding removing scrollbars, it would crash during event execution (resize?) because the scrollbar no longer existed.
    2. There were also some minor graphical issues, where the scrollbar was not perfectly aligned with Vim windows.

    I'll probably have to start it from scratch :D - but it will take some time.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey man thanks for this awesome project. I'm experiencing bad font rendering in vim-qt too. With these fonts: Ubuntu Mono and Monaco.

  4. Rui repo owner

    Hi, ed3lgon

    Can you provide some more info? or screenshots?

    • What font size are you using, and do the problems exist with other sizes
    • Do you have all types for those fonts (italic, bold), do your issues happen only for a specific type? [issue #58]
    • Does each individual character looks wrong, or is the entire line out of place

    Other details sometimes to try and replicate issues, like Linux distribution and Qt version.

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