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Issue #72 resolved

Mistaking qmake from qt3 with qmake from qt4

repo owner created an issue

We are wrongfuly using qmake from Qt3 when:

  • Qt3 qmake is installed as the "qmake" binary (e.g. /usr/bin/qmake)
  • Qt4 qmake IS NOT installed

The problem is twofold

We allow ./configure to succeed when qmake(Qt4) is not qvailable

We attempt to compile when we don't have qmake, and then make will fail with some random error

This is slightly easier to ocurr on some distributions, where qmake(Qt3) is the default qmake command.

The proposed solution is to check the qmake version when configure is running, possible parsing the output from "qmake -v".

Some point that have yet to be checked:

  • Do we need to do this for moc?
  • Will this be an issue again for Qt5? Probably not, it should be compatible, but we will have to wait and see how different distros keep multiple versions of Qt

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