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Issue #77 new

Support Bespin XBar plasmoid

created an issue

Bespin (http://cloudcity.sourceforge.net) is very configurable Qt4/KDE4 style derived from the Oxygen project. It has a plasma widget looks like mac menu -- http://i.imgur.com/VJDeJ.png. But, vim-qt menu not displayed in it.

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  1. Rui repo owner

    Hi, sorry I didn't have a chance to look at this yet :S

    There seems to be a similar problem with the dbusmenu (at least in Ubuntu), where the menu is displayed incorrectly.

    I'm inclined to think that this happens because our Vim menu is placed inside a QToolBar (to make it floatable). Since this menubar is not the "real" menubar for the window it is hard to access it by normal means.

    Next steps to handle this:

    1. Use the default QMenuBar from the main window and check if these issues disapear
    2. If (1) is true consider removing the floatable menubar completely.
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