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Issue #78 new

Scrolling is slow

H W Tovetjärn
created an issue

When scrolling up and down between lines the screen is redrawn at a far slower rate than that in Vim (Konsole, rxvt-unicode, iTerm2, OS X Terminal), GVim and MacVim. This is especially noticeable in files with many lines (e.g. > 100).

Comments (2)

  1. H W Tovetjärn reporter

    This issue is only experienced when ":set cursorline" is enabled.

    Edit Disregard the "only", disabling cursorline does help but doesn't solve the issue entirely.

  2. H W Tovetjärn reporter

    Setting the highlightgroup CursorLine to use a background colour (as opposed to "NONE") makes it really slow - and it looks like there's a slight delay between the cursor shifting line and the CursorLine colouring to shift to the new line.

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