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vim-qt / Packaging


If you are looking into making packages for vim-qt we keep git tags pointing to what we consider to be stable versions. Either use the package or the package-<datetime> tag, where <datetime> is the date of the latest tag.

Different distributions tend to hold different package structure and naming directives. If you are creating your own packages for vim-Qt you should try to keep in tandem with those rules. Several Linux distros and BSDs actually install several versions of Vim (one for the console, one for the GUI, etc), and share all the configuration between them.

This also allows vim-Qt to coexist with other versions of Vim, under different binary names (vim for the console, gvim for the gtk GUI and qvim for the Qt gui), but sharing the same settings. If you choose to package vim-Qt this way please try to compile it with the same flags as the regular Vim packages in your distribution, so that the experience when switching from one version to the other may be as smooth as possible.

If you've created some packages or know of packages not listed in the main page, please let us know.