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usage examples for single directory clones

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File hgsubversion/help/subversion.rst

 works with any directory with a Subversion repository, and is know as a single
 directory clone. Normally, converted changesets will be marked as belonging to
 the ``default`` branch, but this can be changed by using the ``-b/--branch``
-option introduced in Mercurial 1.5.
+option introduced in Mercurial 1.5. To force single directory clone, use
+hgsubversion.layout option (see below for detailed help) ::
+ $ hg clone --layout single svn+ nose-hg
 Pulling new revisions into an already-converted repo is the same as from any
 other Mercurial source. Within the first example above, the following three
 ``--startrev`` option with the ``HEAD`` argument causes the initial clone to
 only convert the latest revision; later pulls will convert all revisions
 following the first. Please note that this only works for single-directory
+ $ hg clone --startrev HEAD nose-hg
 Finding and displaying Subversion revisions