Event Notify Test Runner

A utility for running arbitrary commands when files change. Uses kqueue(2) or
inotify(7) to avoid polling. entr was written to make rapid feedback and
automated testing natural and completely ordinary.

Source Installation - BSD, Mac OS, and Linux

make test
make install

To see available build options run ./configure -h

Source Installation - Windows Subsystem for Linux

wget http://entrproject.org/patches/entr-3.9-wsl
patch -p1 < entr-3.9-wsl
make install

The source patch is the current workaround for deformed inotify
support on WSL

Man Page Examples

Rebuild a project if source files change, limiting output to the first 20 lines:

$ find src/ | entr sh -c 'make | head -n 20'

Launch and auto-reload a node.js server:

$ ls *.js | entr -r node app.js

Launch and auto-reload a node.js server as a background task:

$ (ls *.js | entr -r node app.js &)

Clear the screen and run a query after the SQL script is updated:

$ echo my.sql | entr -p psql -f /_

Rebuild project if a source file is modified or added to the src/ directory:

$ while true; do ls src/*.rb | entr -d make; done


A release history as well as features in the upcoming release are covered in the
NEWS file.


Source is under and ISC-style license. See the LICENSE file for more detailed
information on the license used for compatibility libraries.