Tree Delta

The td utility makes it easy to see what files were added or removed during the execution of a command. The child process is executed with a pipe that relays a list of files that were provided to td on STDIN. When the child process exits, each unique path is re-scanned and a delta is printed to STDERR.

td was initially designed to work with entr.

Installation - BSD, Mac OS, and Linux

make install

Or to specify a specific installation location

PREFIX=$HOME/local make install

Man Page Examples

Calculate the MD5 sums and show the files that were added or removed during this operation

$ ls images/*.iso | td xargs md5

Run tests if Python files are modified exit and print directory delta if the link count for any directory changes

$ ack -f --python | td entr -d ./


  • Ruby 2.0


A release history as well as features in the upcoming release are covered in the NEWS file.


Source is under and ISC-style license. See the LICENSE file for more detailed information on the license used for compatibility libraries.