Eric Gazoni committed 157f30c

[hudson] added output of the error log in case of error

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         stderr_filename = osp.join(cwd, "hudson.%s.error.log" % command_name)
         print_title("executing %s on %s (in %s)" % (' '.join(args), name, exec_dir))
-        with open(stderr_filename, 'w') as stderr:
+        with open(stderr_filename, 'r+') as stderr:
             return_code =, env=patched_env, 
                     shell=True, cwd=exec_dir, 
             if fail_on == 'return':
                 if return_code:
                     print_title("FAILED: command returned code %s" % return_code, "!")
+                    print
             elif fail_on in ('log', 'file', 'logs'):
                 if stderr.tell():
                     print_title("FAILED: error file %s was not empty" % stderr_filename, "!")
+                    print