openpyxl / openpyxl / tests / test_data / reader / merged-ranges.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<worksheet xmlns="" xmlns:r=""><dimension ref="A1:E15"/><sheetViews><sheetView tabSelected="1" workbookViewId="0"><selection activeCell="B16" sqref="B16"/></sheetView></sheetViews><sheetFormatPr defaultRowHeight="15"/><sheetData><row r="1" spans="1:5"><c r="A1" s="3"><v>1</v></c><c r="B1" s="3"><v>2</v></c><c r="C1" s="3"><v>3</v></c><c r="D1" s="3"><v>4</v></c></row><row r="3" spans="1:5"><c r="A3" s="2" t="s"><v>0</v></c><c r="B3" t="s"><v>1</v></c><c r="C3" s="2" t="s"><v>2</v></c><c r="D3" s="2" t="s"><v>3</v></c></row><row r="5" spans="1:5"><c r="C5" s="1" t="s"><v>4</v></c><c r="E5" s="1" t="s"><v>6</v></c></row><row r="6" spans="1:5"><c r="C6" s="1" t="s"><v>4</v></c><c r="E6" s="1" t="s"><v>6</v></c></row><row r="7" spans="1:5"><c r="C7" s="1" t="s"><v>4</v></c><c r="E7" s="1" t="s"><v>6</v></c></row><row r="8" spans="1:5"><c r="D8" s="1" t="s"><v>5</v></c></row><row r="9" spans="1:5"><c r="C9" s="1" t="s"><v>4</v></c><c r="E9" s="1" t="s"><v>6</v></c></row><row r="10" spans="1:5"><c r="C10" s="1" t="s"><v>4</v></c><c r="E10" s="1" t="s"><v>6</v></c></row><row r="11" spans="1:5"><c r="C11" s="1" t="s"><v>4</v></c><c r="E11" s="1" t="s"><v>6</v></c></row><row r="15" spans="1:5"><c r="B15" s="4"><v>10</v></c><c r="C15" s="4"/><c r="D15" s="4"/></row></sheetData><mergeCells count="1"><mergeCell ref="B15:D15"/></mergeCells><pageMargins left="0.7" right="0.7" top="0.75" bottom="0.75" header="0.3" footer="0.3"/><pageSetup orientation="portrait" horizontalDpi="200" verticalDpi="200" r:id="rId1"/></worksheet>
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