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Database template loader for Django

This is a basic database template loader for Django which uses a m2m relationship to provide a site centric template loading.

How to use it in your own Django application

  1. Get the source from the subversion repository

  2. Follow the instructions in the INSTALL file

  3. Edit the of your Django project:

    Add dbtemplates to the INSTALLED_APPS of your django project

    Check if django.contrib.sites and django.contrib.admin are in INSTALLED_APPS and add if necessary.

    It should look something like this:


    Add dbtemplates.loader.load_template_source to the TEMPLATE_LOADERS list in the of your Django project

    It should look something like this:

  4. Sync your database via shell (hint: "./ syncdb" within project dir)

  5. Restart your Django server

  6. Go to the admin interface and add templates by filling the name field with filename like identifiers, for example "blog/entry_list.html"

  7. Use it with Flatpages, Generic views and your own custom views


Please leave your questions and messages on the designated Google Code site: