Lucas Taylor committed cf794ec

[intersphinx] [Fixes #622] env.warn called with incorrect number of arguments

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             # new format
             name, (uri, inv) = key, value
             if not name.isalnum():
-                env.warn('intersphinx identifier %r is not alphanumeric' % name)
+                env.warn(docname=None, msg='intersphinx identifier %r is not alphanumeric' % name)
             # old format, no name
             name, uri, inv = None, key, value


     rn = missing_reference(app, app.env, node, contnode)
     assert rn is None
     assert contnode[0].astext() == 'py3k:unknown'
+@with_app(confoverrides={'extensions': 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx'})
+def test_load_mappings_warnings(tempdir, app):
+    """
+    load_mappings issues a warning if new-style mapping
+    identifiers are not alphanumeric
+    """
+    inv_file = tempdir / 'inventory'
+    write_file(inv_file, inventory_v2)
+    app.config.intersphinx_mapping = {
+        '': inv_file,
+        'py3k': ('', inv_file),
+        'repoze.workflow': ('', inv_file),
+        'django-taggit': ('', inv_file)
+    }
+    app.config.intersphinx_cache_limit = 0
+    # load the inventory and check if it's done correctly
+    load_mappings(app)
+    assert len(app._warning.content) == 2
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