Plone 4 buildout for developers

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`Buildout <>`_ is a tool which automatically downloads, installs and configures Python software.
Plone developers prefer uses buildout based installation method - it makes it easy to work with source code and developing your own Plone add-ons.

For production site installations please use `standard Plone installer <>`_.


What you need in order to use developer buildout with Plone 4

* Experience using command line tools

* Experience using a text editor to work with configuration files (``buildout.cfg``)

* GCC compiler suite to build native Python extensions (Zope contains C code for optimized parts)

* Python 2.6 (other versions are *not* ok for Plone 4)

* Python Imaging Library installed for your Python interpreter (more below)

* Python `Distribute <>`_ installation tool, provided by your operating system
  or installed by hand

Read below from operating system specific instructions how to install these dependencies.


This buildout provides

* Zope start up scripts (one instance)

* ``paster`` command for creating Plone add-ons (different from system-wide installation)

* `test <>`_ command for running automatic test suites 

* `i18ndude <>`_  for managing text string translations in Python source code 

* `omelette <>`_ buildout recipe which makes Python egg source code more browseable by using symlinks

* `mr.developer <>`_ command for managing source code checkouts and updates with buildout repeatable manner

* `collective.developermanual <>`_ - community managed developer manual for Plone
  in source code form, ready for contributions

Creating Plone 4 buildout installation

Install ZopeSkel template package for your system-wide Python using Distribute::

 easy_install ZopeSkel
... or upgrade existing installation::

 easy_install -U ZopeSkel

You probably got here by running something like (replace *myplonefoldername* with the target folder where you want to Plone to be installed)::

 zopeskel plone4_buildout myplonefoldername

Now, you need to run (please see remarks regarding your operating system below)::


This will create ``bin`` folder and ``bin/buildout`` script. If you any time want to change Python interpreter
associated with buildout, or you need to update ``buildout`` script itself to newer version please rerun ````.

Now you can run buildout script which will download all Python packages
(.egg files) and create ``parts/`` and ``var/`` folder structure ::


If this succesfully completes you can start buildout in foreground mode (Press *CTRL+C* to terminate)::

  bin/instance fg 

Now you can login to your site


The default user is ``admin`` with password ``admin``. 
After initial start-up admin password is stored in Data.fs databse file and value in ``buildout.cfg`` is ignored.
Please follow `these instructions to change admin password <>`_.

Next steps

Creating your first add-on

Plone 4 buildout comes with ``bin/paster`` command for creating Plone add-ons.

.. note ::

	When working with Plone add-ons, use paster command from buildout bin folder, not the system wide paster command.

Create theme (applies for Plone 4 also)::
	bin/zopeskel plone3_theme plonetheme.mythemeid
Create Archetypes based content types package::

	bin/zopeskel archetype mycompanyid.content

Create other Plone customizations::

	bin/zopeskel plone mycompanyid.mypackageid

More info

* `Instructions how to use Paster command to create your own add-ons <>`_ 

Managing source code checkouts with buildout

`mr.developer buildout extension <>`_ command which can be used with buildout to manage your source code repositories
*mr.developer* makes source code checkout from multiple repositores a repeatable task.

Operating system specific instructions 


Tested for Ubuntu 10.10.

Install prerequisitements::

	sudo apt-get install python2.6 python-imaging wget build-essential python2.6-dev python-setuptools
	easy_install ZopeSkel


Install `OSX development tools (XCode) <>`_ from Apple.

Install `Macports <>`_.

Then the following installs dependencies::

	sudo port install python26 py26-pil py26-distribute wget 
	easy_install ZopeSkel

When you run ````use the following command to make sure you are using Python interpreter from Macports::



Microsoft Windows systems is problematic because
it does not provide to Microsoft Visual C compiler (commercial) which is
required to build native Python extensions.

Please read



The orignal copy of these instructions is available at