The plonetheme.erico package uses the theming and packaging features available in to make the CSS Templates theme easily available in Plone 4.1.


Add Plone site

Install Plone 4.1 with and create a Plone site (if you have not already) with Diazo theming configured.

Zip file

If you are an end user, you might enjoy installation via zip file import.

  1. Download the zip file:
  2. Import the theme from the Diazo theme control panel.


If you are a developer, you might enjoy installation via buildout.

Add plonetheme.erico to your plone.recipe.zope2instance section's eggs parameter e.g.:

eggs =

Select theme

Select and enable the theme from the Diazo control panel. That's it!


Obviously there is more work to be done. If you want to help, pull requests accepted! Some ideas:

  • Add a diazo rule to import Plone editing styles
  • Configure styles to use portal_css
  • Add quick installer support
  • Improve styles


The author is not a "license guy", but the erico theme is distributed via CC 3.0 license [1] and this package is GPL version 2 (assuming that makes sense).